After the storm

So we finally managed to fill our eshop and gather all the things like stickers, buttons.. boxes (which was the biggest problem)..

Lot of work, lot of photo sessions .. consider that I'm really bad photographer, it was harder for me than sculpt all those minis :)

Now we have to gather our forces to sculpt new minis and busts, and create some funny concept art, find some commisions to do as we need to feed ourselves somehow. Maybe we would think about some new merch (we already do btw).. but thats a secret we'll try to keep under the hood for a while.

Now we're sitting here, eating candies and watching TV, we are calm now, we can sleep now, we can travel to Kadath and explore some places to find inspiration..

Thank you all for your support, all your "likes" and comments on facebook, which is really nice and keep us in a good mood. 

Really big thanks to CMR casting company for their great support and super fast casting. I really love them :) 

Thank you Juicyfolio and Tomas Sobel, that you was willing to do all the things I asked :) 



And some epic music is here! :)