Eshop unavailability

Hello guys, eshop is unavailable for a moment, if you have any questions feel free to contact us on Regards O.O.B. chcete vědět víc?

Black Weekend!

Black Friday you say .. OK then .. All orders which are made during today and this whole weekend are free of postal fee. And ofcourse hurry up! the Super Mega Pack ends on 30.11.2016!  chcete vědět víc?

News from insomniac! (eshop is full again)

Here it is, new products. Two(three actually.. he he) new busts! I will fear no evil.. Bad decision Oh and here we have a little easter egg: Duke of Canada Thanks to that they still agree to work with me.. and my crazy demands. Oh oh .. little info about casting quality. All casts… chcete vědět víc?

Eshop update

Greetings comrades! eshop is empty at the moment, we're waiting for restock.  And of course there will be 2 new releases, so stay tuned ;) Regards O.O.B.&M.V.  chcete vědět víc?

Restock and Good News

Hi all, we restocked few minis in our eshop. So the Cossack, Cthulu and the Busts are ready to be shipped :)  And now some cool news. We started collaboration with Mr. Lee Painting Emporium, so all our miniatures will be available on all the shows and competition where there will be table with Mr.… chcete vědět víc?


Hi all!  we are out of some miniatures (cossack and both Apes) we're hoping to refill it ASAP :) Stay tuned.  Regards  O.O.B chcete vědět víc?

Back2School SALE!

Hi all!  We lowered prices on Bust for B2S SALE! Now it´s fixed 20€.  Sale will be active till 5.9.2016! Regards O.O.B chcete vědět víc?

It's HERE!

As we promised, eshop is working and filled with 6 brand new miniatures and busts! :) Every new order will be posted ASAP, with sticker and button, with our logo.  Thank you for your patience Regards O.O.B.&M.V. chcete vědět víc?

Few more days

24.8.2016 ..  something will happen that day .. (I hope)  chcete vědět víc?

Eshop Update

Hi all, so the miniatures, are safety at home. Next step is to pack them in boxes and "decorate" box with some kind of info stickers :)  Stay tuned, In one week we´ll start this with all kind of special offers and stuff :) Regars O.O.B. chcete vědět víc?

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